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About Instant Accountant Training Institute

Instant Accountant Training Institute was started in Coimbatore in the year 2005 by Mr. G. Somasundaram, an ace accountant and Tax Consultant with a 45-year experience in accounting. For the last 15 years, our institute has been teaching practical accounts to students in person, training them to become full-fledged accountants.


About Instructor

Instant Accountant Training Institute is the brainchild of Mr. Somasundaram.

It was kickstarted by him in the year 2005. Mr. Somasundaram is an ace accountant with forty-five years of experience in the field of accounting and commerce. He began his career as a Bachelor of Commerce and offered his valuable services to many companies in Mumbai and acquired a wealth of accounting experience. He soon become a successful Independent Tax Consultant, owing to his in-depthknowledge of accounting. As he continued to provide his services as an Independent Tax Consultant, he also wanted to help the aspiring accountants to become experts in handling the accounts. He therefore started teaching practical accounting to students. Soon, as his student strength steadily increased, there arose a need for a better platform for sharing his knowledge. Thus came intoexistence the Instant Accountant Training Institute.



Why you choose Instant Accountant

Every accounting software is just a tool. Just knowing how
to use an accounting software doesn’t automatically give you the knowledge of
accounting, which is what we are offering. After completing our course, you can
confidently use any accounting software (Tally. ERP 9, Zoho Books, etc.) to
your greatest advantage. Learn accounts from us first. You will then be able to
handle the accounts by using any accounting software. Trying to handle a
company’s accounts by relying on some accounting software without first
learning accounts will only frustrate you and kill your confidence in accounts.
An accounting software may make you confident in using various software, but it
will not give you any true knowledge of accounts.



Learners becomes Earners 

B.Com & Freshers : Our video course helps B.com graduates/ fresher’s to reduce
the length of time they generally take to become an accountant. Once they
complete our course, they will become full-fledged and independent accountants. As soon as you buy and complete our course, you can kick start your career as an accountant.

Owners becomes an accountant: Apart from students, our video course is extremely useful for employers too. Our course will enable employers to supervise their company’s accounts by interacting with the accountant and auditors. Most importantly, employers can always come up with winning business strategies and thereby avoid monetary loss.